Why everyone should warm up before their day starts

I believe that so much pain would be reduced in the world if people would just warm up their bodies in the beginning of their day. My routine is - Go to restroom, make my bed, drink a glass of water, warm up body. Those are the 5 most important pieces of my day.

On days I work out, I do my warm up and then work out. On days I don’t work out I still do a warm up to prepare my body for all of the vigorous activity of the day. Mostly sitting lately. Before I work with a client, I do a short warm up to get my body ready for that session.

Most Americans sit for an average of 13 hours per day. Between the car, work, couch and eating meals. I know I do. If you get 8 hours of sleep and 13 hours of sitting…that’s 21 hours of inactivity. Our bodies are designed for movement, yet we are stagnant 21 hours per day. By the way, most of us sleep with out hips flexed…meaning the same position we are sitting in for 13 hours a day is similar to the position we sleep in at night. Therefore, for around 21 hours per day the average American’s body is in a seated position. Now, that’s something to think about.

3 hours per day is about how much time we are actually moving. Exercise is vital to maintaining a healthy and pain free body. Unfortunately, there is no exercise program or massage or anything that you can do in three hours that will balance the other 21 hours of non activity. On top of all of that, most of the time we are moving, it is just in between long periods of sitting. Walk from bed to toilet. Toilet to breakfast table, sit in the car, sit at work, car, couch, dinner table, bed. Repeat. Over and over and forever.

Luckily, there are lots of people who do have jobs where they get to move all day every day. But, lots of people with jobs like that don’t prepare their bodies for those long sweaty days. Therefore, they are often really tight, they frequently have aches and pains and are easily injured.

For those under 30, you probably will not understand any this because you may not feel much of the stresses of life in your body yet. But, the older you get, the more these problems will arise. So, let’s just start repairing the damage as much as we can now and move forward in a great direction.

Muscle tissue dies when we don’t use a muscle. It dies. It diminishes the less it’s used and grows to the size it needs to be to support our bodies and what we do with them. Therefore, when we sit, certain muscles like the glutes, are not being used for long periods of time so they get smaller and weaker. It’s the same with all other muscles. Our body is very smart. It adapts to what we put it through. When we sit all day and our glutes aren’t used, the body will basically say “Well, we don’t need to feed those guys.” The body is also brutal because after awhile it’ll say “Okay those guys don’t need to be so big, lets cannibalize.”

Let’s talk about fat. How is fat created? Stress. Hormonal imbalances, Consuming more calories than have been burned. Those are some of the most common.

When someone sits for long periods of time, the body slows down the amount of calories burned because the body doesn’t need as many calories to live their sedentary lifestyle. Then, perhaps they grab a bag of chips and sodas and eat lots of calories. Now, they are consuming a lot more calories than they are burning.

With all of this being said, we should know understand why obesity in America is so high. Another thing everyone should know is that Inflammation is one of (or is) the leading causes to disease. Inflammation is caused from lots of different things. A few important ones to note are the following. Stress causes inflammation. Magnesium deficiency causes inflammation. Americans are low in magnesium levels due to not eating enough greens but also, stress reduces magnesium levels. Eating processed foods causes inflammation. The list goes on. The point here is that most of the things we are doing on a daily basis while we sit are also causing us inflammation. Therefore, sitting for 21 hours per day is causing disease. In so many ways. I am only presenting a few here.

Let’s fix the problem one step at a time.

Even if none of this applies to you, warming up your body is going to be great for you and your body. Even if you do move most of the day, chances are all of your movement patterns are the same. This is going to eventually cause an injury. Warming up can help.

Warm up routine

A warm up routine in the morning before your day is going to be a great way for your body to prepare for anything you will be doing for the day. You’re sitting all day? Well, your muscles need to get some stimulation or they will diminish much more quickly. You’re moving all day? That’s great, warming up will get blood moving in the body so you will have a less chance of injury, aches and pains.

I think sitting for 21 hours per day and not exercising and then all of a sudden exercising, is a bad idea. Instead, start small. Start with a warm up routine that gets your entire body loose and gets the blood moving. This is going to lubricate the muscles and joints which is also going to prevent injures. You will also burn a few calories which is always good.

Spending 10 minutes in the morning doing a full body warm up isn’t much but it will get you addicted to movement. I believe that movement is the key to health. Once you have been doing morning warm ups for a week or two and you see how much better you feel, you will naturally have the urge to do a longer warm up or even do something a bit more intense or different. You will want to move more and I am excited for you.

A daily warm up if done well and for long enough can change someone’s entire life, I assure you. Why? Because the more you move, the more you want to move. More movement and better movement are going to create health and happiness.

When a person exercises, there are hormones that the body produces that make you feel good. When you feel good, your brain and body all actually perform better. When you perform better you are happier. When you are happier you live better and stress less. Sone one who stresses a lot is more prone to disease. I know from personal experience.

So, with a 10 minute warm up routine in the morning before you start your day you can change the entire course of your life for the better. The next steps will come to you naturally but I will lay them, out.

Warm up routine, Move more often, sit less, get massage/self massage more, eat better foods/ love your self.

That is the combination to a happy life in my eyes.


The warm up you do matters. It’s not as simple as just swinging your arms around and stretching them across your body for 6 seconds each and then doing some strange breathing exercise that you made up on the spot. A warm up should a full body experience. More specifically it should be an intentional experience. A warm up should be done with full attention on what is being done. Breathing would be done through the movements of the warm up. Meaning you should move with your breath. Breath out on the stretch and breath in on the relax.

I do have a warm up routine video on my Instagram. Check out the link. This isn’t a full body one but, it is a start. I highly recommend picking a warm up that gets as many muscles moving as you can. Not just the muscles you think you will move that day. Warm up everything.

By the way, this is a great way to start your workouts also.

Last thing, Don’t always do the same warm up. Switch it up frequently so your body doesn’t get used to it. If your body gets used to it, the warm up looses it effectiveness.

I warm up daily, you should too.