Cupping therapy is the use of plastic cups and a suction devise, or glass and fire (I have plastic, the less cool ones). Using the devise allows me to pull all of the air out of the cup which creates a negative pressure inside the cup which creates a sucking effect into the muscle.⁠

The suction creates stimulates blood flow created circulation, which is VERY IMPORTANT. When that happens, toxins and stagnate blood is able to be cleaned away and filtered through the body and replenish or expelled.⁠

THE TRUTH, we all have toxins and stagnate blood everywhere. The more stress you put on or into your body, the more you will develop. ⁠

By "On" your body, I mean working out, how much weight are you lifting, intensity of workout, your job, your posture, your weight, stress.⁠

By "In" your body, I mean what kind of things are you eating? Sugar causes inflammation in the body. This means more toxins in the muscles. See my point?⁠

So, cupping is a great way to help get things flowing for any of your needs. Add in exercise, eating healthy and some meditation.. Your day will be PHENOMENAL!⁠

You should talk to a doctor before receiving cupping as there are certain cases when you should avoid these. If you are Pregnant, Etc....Talk to your doctor. ⁠

Last thing, YOU CAN GET YOUR OWN CUPPING KIT ONLINE. Amazon, or like 5000 other places probably. ⁠

These things are amazing and you do not need to wait for a massage therapist to use them on you. Have a friend or...family member do it for you. ⁠

Just make sure you learn how to use it properly.

Okay, good bye! Until the next...POST!