The reasons why Massage is KEY!

I believe that MOVEMENT is the key to all things in life. Movement in a positive direction mentally, Moving forward in time, moving your happiness meter to 100%, and Moving your body are all examples. These are all extremely important things that need to happen to keep everything in the world as it is supposed to be and keep people pain free.

But, most people don't move much. Those people who do move in the gym for example, move mostly in only a few different movement patterns and then sit all day perhaps. Did you know that

on average, we as Americans sit around 13 hours every day. Then, we sleep in a strange position for around 8 hours per night. So that is 21 hours of not moving and we are putting our bodies in terrible positions in the process.

Why all of this is important for everyone to know is that you're going to develop pain and injuries the less you move (Correctly). By the way, those 4 hours left in our day after 21 hours on inactivity, is just us moving from one sitting position to another. It may not seem like a problem because you don't have pain now. These issues take many years before they develop but once they do its hard to reverse it.

This is terrible. Terrible for the body, for the mind and for human nature. I believe sitting is the number one reason for disease. Why would I think that?

Disease is caused from stress in most cases. When we sit all day we are causing long periods of stress to our organs and our muscles. This isn't healthy at all..If our intestines and other digestive organs are constantly being choked by sitting all day, of course they aren't going to function well...They cannot breath..Eventually you start getting kidney failure or some other issue from a combination of choking and feeding the body so much emotional stress also.

What is emotional (mental, phycological, call it what you'd like) stress. Thats just as bad and maybe even worse. Our bodies are a reflection of our minds and vise versa. If your mind is over whelmed with bad chemicals like cortisol, how can it possibly know how to talk to the organs and other areas of your body? I personally believe that the conversations we have with ourselves effects the brain and therefore effects the organs.

So movement is going to help so much. My message today isn't just about sitting though or what you think about. Maybe your job is to stand and work on pipes over your head all day. Guess what, you're putting your body in the same strange positions all of the time. That's awful for your joints and bones and the rest of your body when you get stuck in those positions for long periods of time over years. I know what you're thinking though. "Look man, I gotta work. What do you want me to do?"

I spend 10 minutes every morning doing a warm up routine that prepares me for the day. It gets my body moving and breaks up my bodies patterns a bit. I love it and it keeps me pain free mostly. Then, I also try to get moving through out the day adding in another warm up or working out or a breathing exercise. It's really simple, it's fun, Im not working out or doing anything hard for the warm up routine. I am just moving my body, In fact I do it every day at 0930 am on Instagram Live if you ever want to join me. My account name is UnboundMT

So if movement is the key, where does massage come in? Well, when we have been sitting or staying in the same movement patterns for a long time, the body gets used to this and likes it. This is what it knows. Anything out side of those main movement patterns you do every day all day, the body isn't prepared for. It isn't familiar with their movements. Like catching a ball perhaps. Everyone should be able to move with out pain. Pain happens when the body is forced to do something it isn't prepared for. This is why you can hurt your neck just by grabbing something out of the back seat of the car when you're sitting in the driver seat.

Transitioning from always not moving into a place where you are moving often, has to be a controlled process or you will develop an injury. Just like someone who starts going to the gym on their 40th birthday. Their body isn't prepared for that and if they go to quickly, pain will soon arise. The body needs those muscles to let go of the stuck positions they are used to and learn how to move. Massage helps keep the muscles protected and healing during this process.

Think about it like this. If you were molding clay, you need the clay to be soft. If the clay is hard, it wont change shape. If you try to change the shape of hard clay, there is a better chance it'll break. This is all the same with the muscles and the body. The body in most can change it just needs help. Massage helps to get the body lubricated and ready for change. The movement part is where the change happens. I will massage the muscles and then you need to move them into the new position you want them to be in.

I suppose all of that means that Massage plus movement equals Change. Ma+Mo=Ch. Boom, I have my own equation.

Remember, at 0930 I do a 10 minute warm up video if you'd like help with your movement journey.

Other wise, get out and move but don't forget about massage!