Don't break your body transitioning back to normal life

Finally the world is reopening and we can all get back to the things we love to do and the things we have to do. There will probably be a lot more movement or perhaps a-lot more sitting. Either way something big will change for most people as everyone goes back to work from three months of quarantine.

A few months ago the world suddenly stood still as everyone become isolated in their homes. Our bodies in many cases went from lots of moving throughout the day to very little. That certainly wasn't the best thing for the human body to just stop most of its daily functions in such a hurry. What would be worse is going from the sedentary life most of us are living now, back to our regular busy and lots of moving lives.

My suggestion is Massage and lots of it. Your body needs help transitioning back to the high impact of the normal life on an American. Our bodies do a-lot more than we think about and it will certainly need some time to adjust back to that life. Massage will help to mold the muscles. If not, there will be a-lot of people in a-lot of pain. In fact, I predict that the massage and chiropractor business sectors are about to explode with all the people who will be in pain from just that. With that I believe the doctors offices will be overran with people with back pain and other problems, and that the pharmaceutical companies will get lots of business. You will have to decide now which route you're going to want to take as the wave of pain is coming.

So, get in early to your massage therapist before everyone else starts booking. In the next 6-12 months, massages will be hard to get because they will all be booked around the world. Hopefully though you learned self massage during quarantine and your body is feeling good and you have nothing to worry about. I am happy for you, I wish I did the same thing.

Massage is just such an amazing tool to help the human body in everything that it needs. If you are not getting massage often you are missing out on a huge benefit. I believe that Massage needs to be cheaper though so that people can make it into a weekly habit. So my plan is to build a massage business that in time will help to reduce the over cost of massage nation wide. Unfortunately, that will be a long time from now. But, massage is worth it when you find the right therapists. So go out find a massage therapist that you love and stick with them for a long time. They will take care of you.

Get massaged and get it now because if not your body will be begging for it in the next 6-12 months.